Discover the joy of music with our 1:1 piano lessons, tailored for kids 5 and up, as well as teens and young adults! Learn to play your favorite songs, explore various styles, and ignite your passion for music under the guidance of our expert instructors. 


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🎹 What We Teach

In beginning piano lessons, students will learn fundamental skills and concepts to build a strong music foundation. Some key areas of focus include:

  1. Keyboard Familiarity: Understanding the layout of the keyboard, identifying keys, and becoming acquainted with the piano's structure.

  2. Note Reading: Learning to read musical notes on the staff and associating them with the corresponding keys on the piano.

  3. Rhythm Basics: Grasping fundamental rhythms, including note durations, time signatures, and basic rhythmic patterns.

  4. Hand Positioning and Finger Numbers: Developing proper hand positioning and understanding the numbering of fingers for efficient and coordinated playing.

  5. Basic Techniques: Introduction to essential techniques such as proper posture, hand coordination, and finger strength exercises.

  6. Simple Songs: Playing easy and familiar songs to practice and reinforce newly acquired skills, providing a sense of accomplishment.

  7. Music Theory Basics: Introduction to basic music theory concepts like scales, chords, and key signatures.

  8. Listening Skills: Developing an ear for music by listening to melodies, rhythms, and different musical elements.

  9. Sight-Reading: Learning to read and play music on the spot, enhancing your ability to play new pieces.

  10. Introduction to Dynamics and Expression: Understanding how to add dynamics (loudness and softness) and expression to your playing for a more nuanced performance.

    ✨ Monthly Tuition

    • $160 per month for 30 minute lesson
    • $320 per month for 60 minute lesson
    • Weekly lessons at Musicville
    • Based on 46 lessons in a calendar year
    • Equal monthly installments

    Enroll in Piano Lessons

    Registration Fee

    Upon enrollment for piano lessons, a $40 registration fee is required to secure the student's lesson date, time, and teachers.

    Prior to the student's first official lesson, the first month's tuition payment is due. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

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