Enrollment requires a $40 registration fee, which is non-refundable.

Registration Fee

Upon enrollment for private music lessons, a $40 registration fee is required to secure the student's lesson date, time, and instructor. The first month's tuition payment must be made before the student's first lesson.  It's important to note that registration fees are non-refundable following enrollment.

Monthly Billing

The tuition program is designed around 46 lessons per year, distributed evenly across monthly installments. This approach ensures predictable monthly billing, eliminating concerns about extra charges during months with five weeks. Holidays and scheduled breaks are accounted for in the monthly rate.


Musicville requires automatic monthly tuition payments, online through our Lesson portal via a stored credit/debit card on the Parent account.

Tuition Dues

The initial payment is due at registration/enrollment. If the first lesson occurs after the first week of the month, the first payment will be prorated. 

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st!

Past Due Accounts

A $15 late fee will apply to accounts with tuition payments overdue by 7 days.


A 10% discount is offered for families that enroll in three 30-minute lessons. The first two half-hour lessons are charged at the full rate. The third half-hour lesson is discounted.   

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