Sell/ Consign

Musicville is your best choice for selling and consigning instruments in Nashville.


Musicville will pay up to 60% of market value for your equipment. 

Would you like to sell your musical instrument or amp? We consign pre-owned and vintage gear everyday in our store. Just bring your item to the shop where one of our team members will be happy to evaluate your item and help you begin the consignment process. 

When does consignment make sense?

  1. When you want to sell an instrument but lack the time or energy to handle the selling process yourself, consignment is a convenient choice. We take care of the sale from start to finish. Let Musicville do the work for you!
  2. Valuable Instruments: If you own exceptionally valuable instruments like rare luthier-grade pieces or high-end vintage guitars, consignment is a smart option. Our top-notch marketing presentation can maximize the value, and we handle all the complexities, from trust and safe shipping to insurance costs. 

How is the sales price determined?

The potential sale value of your pre-owned instrument is based on many factors including functionality, condition, and current market demand for the particular model being sold. After evaluating these factors we will agree upon both an original listing price and a minimum sale price

How do you market consigned/used gear?

When accepting an item for consignment we will take professional photos, write a detailed description including all pertinent information, list your item for sale on multiple websites, display the item in our showroom when appropriate, and deal with all facets of the sale including shipping when necessary. Your item is always meticulously maintained in our showroom, and is only in the hands of serious potential buyers during a demonstration with our staff. 

What are the terms?

  • The consignor (seller) agrees to leave the instrument/equipment for a minimum period of 90 days. After the 90 day period the consignor (seller) may pick up the instrument/equipment and terminate the agreement. 
  • Store commission is 20% of the item’s sale price. All applicable shipping charges and credit card processing fees will be deducted prior to consignment payout.
  • Payment to the consignor (seller) will be made within 15 business days of the completion of the sale.

I’m interested in consigning. What is the next step?

Please contact us here and provide the following:

Your instrument’s make & model (i.e. “Gibson” and “Hummingbird”) Serial number and/or year of production. A list of any repairs and/or modifications that may have been made. Brief description of cosmetic condition (i.e. “Mint,” “very good,” etc.)

Feel free to call ahead at (615) 614-3411 or visit us in store. You do not need to have an appointment to do a consignment.