Discover the joy of music through our private violin lessons designed specifically for kids, ages 5 and up. Led by skilled instructors, these one-on-one sessions focus on building foundational skills, fostering a love for the violin, and nurturing each child's unique musical potential in a supportive and personalized learning environment.

Learn to play your favorite songs, explore various styles, and ignite your passion for music under the guidance of our expert instructors. 


🎻What we teach

In beginner violin lessons, you can expect to learn the fundamental aspects of playing the violin. This typically includes:

  1. Proper Setup: Understanding how to hold the violin, the bow, and positioning of the fingers on the strings.

  2. Basic Techniques: Learning essential techniques such as bowing, plucking, and finger positioning to produce clear and distinct sounds.

  3. Reading Sheet Music: Introduction to reading musical notation and understanding basic music theory.

  4. Ear Training: Developing the ability to listen and reproduce simple melodies by ear.

  5. Posture and Body Mechanics: Focusing on maintaining proper posture and body mechanics to ensure comfort and prevent strain during playing.

  6. Basic Repertoire: Starting with simple songs and exercises to build proficiency and confidence on the instrument.

  7. Rhythm and Timing: Developing a sense of rhythm and timing through various exercises and playing along with a metronome.

  8. Instrument Care: Understanding how to care for the violin, including tuning and basic maintenance.

✨Monthly Tuition

  • $160 per month for 30 minute lesson
  • $320 per month for 60 minute lesson
  • Weekly lessons at Musicville
  • Based on 46 lessons in a calendar year
  • Equal monthly installments

Enroll in Violin Lessons

Registration Fee

Upon enrollment for violin lessons, a $40 registration fee is required to secure the student's lesson date, time, and teachers.

Prior to the student's first official lesson, the first month's tuition payment is due. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

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