Embrace the joy of singing and explore the limitless possibilities of your voice! Our voice lessons cater to kids 5 and up, as well as adults seeking to discover their true vocal potential. 

Learn to sing your favorite songs, explore various styles, and ignite your passion for music under the guidance of our expert instructors. 


🎤 What We Teach

In voice lessons, you can learn a variety of skills and techniques to enhance your singing abilities. Some common topics covered in voice lessons include:

  1. Breath Control: Learn how to control your breath to sustain long phrases and improve vocal power.

  2. Pitch and Tone Control: Work on hitting and maintaining accurate pitches, as well as achieving a desired tone quality.

  3. Vocal Range: Explore and expand your vocal range, allowing you to sing a variety of songs comfortably.

  4. Ear Training: Develop your ear for pitch, rhythm, and musical nuances to enhance your overall musicality.

  5. Articulation and Diction: Improve pronunciation and clarity in singing to enhance communication of lyrics.

  6. Musical Expression: Learn to convey emotion and meaning through your singing, bringing songs to life.

  7. Vocal Health: Understand and practice techniques for maintaining vocal health, preventing strain, and caring for your voice.

  8. Performance Skills: Gain confidence and techniques for live performances, including stage presence and audience engagement.

  9. Song Interpretation: Dive into the meaning behind song lyrics and learn how to convey the intended emotions.

  10. Music Theory: Understand basic music theory concepts, such as scales and intervals, to enhance your musical understanding.

    ✨ Monthly Tuition

    • $160 per month for 30 minute lesson
    • $320 per month for 60 minute lesson
    • Weekly lessons at Musicville
    • Based on 46 lessons in a calendar year
    • Equal monthly installments

    Enroll in Voice Lessons         

    Registration Fee

    Upon enrollment for voice lessons, a $40 registration fee is required to secure the student's lesson date, time, and teachers.

    Prior to the student's first official lesson, the first month's tuition payment is due. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

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