Unleash the rhythm within! Whether you're 6 years old or an adult, our expert instructors create a fun and engaging learning environment tailored to all skill levels

From exploring basic beats to mastering intricate rhythms, our drum lessons promise to ignite your passion for percussion and set you on a path of musical expression and rhythmic mastery, under the guidance of our expert instructors. 


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🥁 What We Teach

  • Private instruction for drum set / school percussion curriculum
  • Dive into the world of music theory, mastering the essential building blocks of rhythm and technique, funk/swing/jazz/rock/half-time groove, drum set rudiments, kick patterns, drum set fills, etc.
  • Instruction for drum lines, front ensembles, percussion ensembles, concert percussion
  • We combine expert instruction with a focus on fun, making learning music an absolute joy for our students.

✨ Monthly Tuition

  • $160 per month for 30 minute lesson
  • $320 per month for 60 minute lesson
  • Weekly lessons at Musicville
  • Based on 46 lessons in a calendar year
  • Equal monthly installments

Enroll in Drum Lessons 

Registration Fee

Upon enrollment for drum lessons, a $40 registration fee is required to secure the student's lesson date, time, and teachers.

Prior to the student's first official lesson, the first month's tuition payment is due. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

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Call: (615) 614-3411 |  Email: lessons@musicville.com