“I teach because collaboration is the most important aspect of the arts. Everyone has gifts, but no one is an island.”

Nathan Wildes is proficient in voice, piano, saxophone and clarinet. Nathan grew up in a small southeast Georgia town with classic Southern values where pecans are pronounced - “Pee-cans” and shopping carts are called “buggies”. Nathan was steeped in a unique brew of Classical, Jazz, RnB, Gospel, and worship while learning various instruments and vocal techniques.

Nathan graduated from Belmont University with a Commercial Voice degree. He has been singing and writing songs alongside Julie Branham of Nashville’s Soul Choir and is a member of the Nashville Symphony Chorus. He has sung background vocals for Riley Clemmons and Walker Hayes at the K-Love Awards at the Grand Ole Opry, and has performed at studios and coffee shops on Music Row. He is actively involved with the worship ministry at Belmont Church.

“I teach because collaboration is the most important aspect of the arts. Everyone has gifts, but no one is an island. I choose to use my gifts to help bring out the gifts of others, because I have been greatly influenced by the great teachers in my life. Hopefully, with my knowledge, I can do the same for others.”

-Proficient in sight reading and transposing
-Able to play by ear, read music, and harmonize quickly
-Adept at singing in languages other than English including Italian, Hebrew, German, French, Russian, and Spanish
-Experienced at leading a group of both vocalists and/or instrumentalists
-Arranging for single performers and/or large ensembles regardless of instrumentation
-Vocal Performance, 15+ years of study/experience
-Piano Performance, 10+ years of study/experience
-Saxophone Performance, 8+ years of study/experience-

Nathan_Wildes - Musicville

Piano (all levels), Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice

Monday & Tuesday 3:00-8:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM - 1 PM

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