Music Lessons

Musicville is a new music academy in Franklin, located at 277 Mallory Station Road. We offer a wide range of private music lessons and group classes for kids and teens. We also sell and rent musical instruments so you have everything you need to start playing right away!!!

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Interested in taking lessons at Musicville? Please complete the form below or contact us at

      Our program includes Friday “Sound Check” - a monthly performance coaching opportunity for Musicville students to sing or play their instrument in an amplified environment with stage lighting and live sound.

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Do you offer any trial lessons?
Yes. We encourage new students to take a trial music lesson to experience our teaching approach, get a feel for the instrument, and ensure a comfortable fit before committing to regular lessons. Here is the trial lesson link

Which instruments can I receive lessons for?
We provide lessons for an extensive range of instruments, including but not limited to: Piano, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Fiddle, Music Production, Playback, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet and Woodwinds. 

Do I have to have an instrument to take lessons?
Yes. We sell and rent all instruments for which we offer lessons. 

How do I choose the right music instructor?
All of our music instructors are highly skilled in teaching the next generation of music makers. Along with a background check and vetting process, you can trust that you will team up with someone that has your best interests in mind.

Find out more about our Music Instructors. CLICK HERE

Is prior experience with an instrument required to enroll in lessons?
Absolutely not! Musicville welcomes individuals of all experience levels, from complete beginners to aspiring musicians with any background.

Will there be performance opportunities?
Definitely! Our studio has 2 major recitals every year (Winter & Spring showcase). As a studio member you will also have opportunities to participate in our band programs, open mic nights, and studio recording rooms.

Is there a perfect age to start music lessons?
It really depends on the person or child and if they have an interest and excitement for music. Generally speaking, for private lessons 5-7 is a great age to start. 

Research conducted by Concordia University and the Montreal Neurological Institute reveals the advantages of early music lessons. Musicians who began training before age seven exhibited enhanced connections between motor regions in the brain, aiding in movements like fingering and coordination.

If you’re still not sure when – or even if – your child should begin music lessons, don’t feel as though it’s now or never. When the interest is there, music can be learned at any age! There are examples of world class musicians like Leonard Cohen not picking up an instrument until later in life.

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